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Mardi Gras in Louisiana!

Mardi Gras in Louisiana!

If you are taking the southern route when you plan on driving across the U.S. you MUST stop in Louisiana (and thats an order haha)!!!! 

I read a quote one time in reference to Louisiana and it went as followed,"Louisiana is a fresh-air mental asylum" and frankly I couldn't have said it better myself! Between the smell of cajun food, the sounds of jazz music in and off the street, along with people yelling in excitement, its a city full of culture and madness! 

We were pulling our travel trailer behind the U-Haul truck so we had to find somewhere to park this bad boy and we surely did! We lived in an RV park for 3 days that consisted of gravel parking slots, one community bathroom, a restaurant and a community of full timers that lived there. It was...interesting haha. 

There are so many "To-Do's" for Louisiana to name do ill just go through our experience and explain why you should go to these places!


First of all the parades are everything. The amount of time, effort and love they put into their work is clearly shown through their extravagant performances. We saw a bunch of different parades while we were down there just all over the place but the two we got a spot and watched were the "Krewe of Bacchus" and "Krewe of Orpheus" both were absolutely amazing!


  1.  The beads hurt really bad when they are thrown at your face haha. I unfortunately have experienced this 1000 times while at the parades and not only do they throw single beads, they throw BAGS of them that hurt even worse when you get hit in the face haha. 
  2. During the parades its almost impossible to get to the other side of the street, so if you have somewhere to be during the parade make sure you get a spot on the street on the side that you need to be on. Jason and I missed our dinner reservation due to running through the streets trying to find a way to cross without getting caught by the police. So we just stayed another day to eat where we missed haha.

Café du monde

A MUST HAVE! Café Du Monde is the original coffee shop in the French Market. Established in 1862, they have been serving the best Beignets and Café Au Lait ever since! the line for to-go orders will literally wrap around the shop and back a block or two. Little did some people know, posted on the wall on small signs, the inside is seat yourself so if there is an empty table you better take it! Jason and I were out of there in 20 minutes! 

Acme oyster house

If you are looking for some cajun food and some great beers, head on down to ACME Oyster House! It was established in 1918, was burnt down and rebuilt in a new location in 1924 where they still reside today, feeding hungry and semi intoxicated patrons of New Orleans

COmpère Lapin

Located in the Warehouse Arts District in New Orleans, lies this unbelievably delicious restaurant called Compère Lapin. The moment you walk in the door you know that you are about to experience one the best meals you have ever had in your life. Honestly, it was probably top 3 from my experiences. I ordered the Pici Pasta with lobster and squash, it was so tasteful that Jason finished his meal and ordered what I got after for us to share again haha. We had dinner around 7:30 so the lighting was pretty dim so I wasn't able to get great pictures plus after being at Mardi Gras all day, I'm sure everyone could understand not getting focused pictures haha.


Other than eating at amazing places and getting some exqustie coffee at hole in the wall coffee shops, we just walked the city and enjoyed the architecture and the culture of the streets. The street musicians were awesome, along with the street performers. For real though, our food truck game was strong while we were down here, can't remember the names but if you smell something so good its like a hitting a brick wall stop at that food truck and pick something up!  We hit up some jazz clubs while raging through the streets and got our groove on! Also, if you have watched "The Originals" on Netflix then you will enjoy the pictures of the cemetery we went and toured... its where the Witches gather :)  Ill post pictures below of the random adventures we went on!! 

I really encourage you guys to make it down there at some point! whether it be for Mardi Gras or just a long weekend getaway, you will NOT e disappointed!!  

Thank you for reading! I can't wait to share the rest of our trip out west with you!!

xoxo Hannah

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