Once upon a time, a girl started living her fairytail life...

Aloha! My name is Hannah. Originally from Virginia Beach on the east coast, I moved to Oahu in 2013 and have been adventuring ever since! I'm a lover of my family, friends, being creative, sushi, love, faith, doing what makes you happy, a fabulous glass of wine and anything outdoors - free diving or scuba diving, hiking, chasing waterfalls, swimming with turtles, fishing, sailing or just being lazy and enjoying a day at the beach!

Adventuring and exploring the land and water is my passion. Ive always had a gypsy soul wanting more than the typical coorprate lifestyle. So taking a huge leap of faith and moving to Hawaii on a limb started my journey of hopefully seeing the world.

I  met my amazing boyfriend JP (what he will be referred to in the blog) in the beautiful state of Hawaii. It wasn't long after we met that I knew I found not only my best friend but my partner in adventure/life :) He is a Diver and has been diving for over 10 years, so no need to tell you guys we have the same love for being on the water! Not so long story short, we will be moving to Seattle, WA in February of 2016. So if you have any suggestions of great hikes or fun stuff to do any info is greatly appreciated:)

Moving around and starting new I always wished someone had given me advise on certain aspects - so I figured I would start telling my story. Hopefully you find my blog helpful, entertaining and just somewhere you go to escape! 

I welcome you to follow and maybe meet up in this amazing journey we call life! 

Mahalos for reading,

xoxo Hannah